7 best ideas about color tattoo design | tattoo design

Tattoo designing is an art. It was started in ancient period. This art faced many ups and downs. The tribal people had made in the necessary in tribes but as the people enter the new era things changed. This art was latter become the important symbol of travels and sailors. They travel new places and in the memory of the journey they get tattoos related with it. it leads to the arrival of ship tattoo, anchor tattoo, rope and bird tattoos. The tattoo designing become popular during world wars.

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The love for country increased and many people get the tattoos to remember the sacrifice of soldiers and to show the proud feelings for the country. There arrive the tattoo related with flag and military. Black colour tattoo designs have been here for ages. Black was the ink used by tribal people to design symbolic tattoo designs. After the war the American tattoo design come out. The bright colour ink with limited colour scheme came. They were also called old traditional tattoo.

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Then the new traditional tattoo with similar features but with more details and colour scheme arrive. They get their own popularity time. Like the changes in technology many changes took place in the tattoo designing field. Unlike old era we have multiple choices for colours in tattoo designs. You can get tattoo in almost any colour you want. Brown colour is famous if you are single colour tattoo lover. Brown colour gives the tattoo a rusty look. Even we fading its impact remain intact.


Red colour is most chosen colour out of all. Red being linked to love, blood and heart seems to take over the famous black. Red colour makes the tattoo design more pleasing to eye. When red is used as decoration element on black colour tattoo it makes it beautiful. Faded black or say grey colour is beautifully used by creative artistic to add shading to the tattoo. Shading is a newly formed feature of tattoo designing. Colourful rainbow designs are picked by colour lovers.


Butterflies, stars, birds, hearts looks wonderful in pretty colours. Colours can work as a life element in the tattoo designs. The Trash polka tattoo tattoos are new form of tattoo design but they use the old black and red colour to draw the tattoo design. The white ink with UV ray is the newest form of colour in tattoo colour scheme. Remember any tattoo design simple or complicated will be become piece of art if designed by expert hands. Go to expert tattoo designer and chose your tattoo design beforehand because tattoo will remain on your body forever if you get permanent tattoo. Removing tattoos are more painful then inking and it’s difficult to get the same blank surface that you had before tattoo design.