How to Achieve Various Styles of decorative concrete by Hiring Residential Concrete Contractors

We render our kitchens, bathrooms and even out complete homes a refashioning, but in the case of concrete, we generally disregard it and then we complain that our real estate is not appealing.  In business establishments where first impressions matter also, the same applies.  The Decorative Concrete comes to the rescue here only.  In such cases, decorative concrete not only helps in improving the appeal of your estate’s atmosphere, but it also assists a great deal in improving its value. Many residential concrete contractors and homeowners are thinking of options apart from regular aggregate or concrete.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete uses regular concrete and includes a little of charm which concrete otherwise cannot provide. Depending on the preferences and tastes of the client, a specialist in flooring would take the necessary steps after or before the concrete had been cured.   Decorative residential concrete contractors may bring in various types of styles to your project Flooring Concrete overlay San Antonio.

So, what does Decorative Concrete imply?

Decorative Concrete is generally a term that is used for concrete that is textured, patterned or embossed.   Some of the decorative styles and their clarifications below:

Acid Staining:  In the process of Acid Staining, the acid is applied on the concrete after the hardening of it and later, etching is performed on it with utmost care.  This adds colors to it also.  This kind of application gives an effect of marble on the already present slab.

Epoxy Flooring: This Epoxy in one type of adhesive that is used in places where there is heavy traffic.  It gives the concrete further strength and provides a smooth and elegant finish.  Although it is applied in residential areas industrial and commercial uses are its basic and elementary areas of application.

Reflector Enhancer:  Reflector Enhancer is one of the developments recently in decorative concrete in which the metal shavings and some more additives that are of a reflective nature are combined with an epoxy.  The final result is a three dimensional look that never fails to astonish any visitor.

Decorative concrete

Stamped Concrete:  When the Concrete is being poured or cured, it can be stamped to give different effects to the concrete.  A few of the probable effects are shale, cobblestone, bricks and blocks.

Dyes: When Concrete is cured, it could be combined with many varieties of colors.  A few of the most regularly used colors are brown, blue and red.  Anyhow, any of the colors may be applied to match the neighboring decor.

Concrete overlays:  In as far as Concrete Overlays are concerned, the presently existing Concrete Slab is pitted, damaged or cracked.  A thin layer of Cement is added with acrylics and is then applied across the slab.  The extent of thickness of the overlays could be from one-eighth to four inches or maybe more and which depends on the requisites and necessities of the project at hand.